OCT XI'AN International Center Breaks Ground officially

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On March 26th, 2018, the OCT XI'AN International Center, designed by EID Architecture, broke ground officially. The project has won the award of 2017 MIPIM ASIA's best future mega project design award in China, and has been shortlisted for the future project award of 2018 Architectural Review in the UK.



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On the day of the commencement ceremony, the leader of Xi 'an Yanta District and the deputy general manager of OCAT Group brought all the staff together on the site. At the venue, major projects were reported in the form of broadcast live to the Wang Yongkang, Standing Committee of Shaanxi Provincial Committee/ Secretary of Municipal Party Committee, and ShangGuanJiQing, Deputy Secretary of Municipal Party Committee/ Mayor of the People's Government of Xi 'an,. At the same time, It was announced that the first effective expanding investment projects in 2018 broke ground in an all-round way.



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As a representative of the 2018 major investment projects in Xi 'an, a total investment of 4 billion yuan of this project, located alongside a major thoroughfare within the center of Xi’an in Large volume of 400000, It makes the new landmark of Xi 'an city with a 318 meter high-rise architecture.



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The project covers high-end boutique hotel design. Rosewood, the magnificent hotel, is internationally renowned for its brand concept of A Sense of Place. It has a unique style of design, and has a full display of local history, culture and architecture on the aspect of service and facilities. As the architectural designer, EID Arch has been working closely with Arup, WSP and other international professional consultants to ensure the smooth progress of the project. The project is expected to be ready for use in July of 2021.