Archdaily's Coverage on OCT Xi'an International Culture Center

EID Architecture Redefines High Density Mixed Use Development in Xi'an

by Megan Fowler



After winning a recent international design competition, EID Architecture out of Shanghai aims to redefine high-density mixed-use development in Asia through their design for the OCT Xi’an International Center (OXIC) in Xi’an, China. The architects consider their approach an exploration of vertical urbanism; the project consists of a 320-meter tall tower for offices and a boutique hotel, a 176-meter tall apartment tower, and a 12-floor podium full of retail and entertainment spaces. Visualized as an icon and cultural landmark, the design is strategically organized horizontally and vertically to create a vibrant, permeable urban center.






“The design for OXIC is intended as an exploration of vertical urbanism and offers a new solution for high density urban mixed-use in Asia. With its vibrant and unique mix of program combining retail, office, residential, museum, theater, hotel and entertainment venues, OXIC creates an urban oasis both sensitive and culturally significant to the city of Xi’an, explained the architects.”






Integration with an adjacent park is achieved via the ascending terraces of outdoor retail space, ensuring pedestrians are engaged with the building and that the building relates to the surrounding streetscape. The landscape is integrated as a part of the vertical community via green terraces and roof gardens.






EID’s design also dissolves the form of the tall tower into smaller, more pedestrian-friendly massing, creating a relationship between the towers, the park, and the streets.






The design of the OXIC is inspired by the rectangular grids of the historical city of Xi’an. Occupying high vantage points as public space also relates to the ancient city walls, which are currently a public space important to Xi’an’s character and lifestyle.




The unique feature of the building that accomplishes this is the outdoor cultural retail street, which connects to the park at ground level and then rises through the complex to a piazza at the 6th floor. The terrace street is connected throughout to the retail shopping mall, offering both entertainment and access to the natural environment along the route.




The design is responsive to the historical context and culture of Xi’an, making it a new landmark for the city.