Location: Shanghai, China

Client: Gemdale, Powerlong, Cifi

Built Area: 321,035.22 sqm

Type: Commercial, Office

Completion Date: 2018


Design Principal: Ping Jiang, AIA

Design Team: Xiaohai Lin, Qingsong Shi, Rongxiang Sun, Chunru Xia, Tina Fang, Wei Xu, Li Jiang


Jiuting Centre Project is located in the core area of Jiuting, Songjiang District, at the junction of North Huting Road and Husong Highway. It is a mixed-use urban complex composed of office, hotel, apartment and supporting retail with a total area of about 220,000 square meters. The Gemdale Plaza Shopping Mall and a commercial block is also included in the project.


The office building style is simple and modern with generous spatial planning. Curtain walls and partial window walls, together with structured elements to create a rhythmical and vibrant effect, dominate the façade. At the same time, a large number of open public spaces are created to build an open and harmonious entrepreneurial atmosphere and high-quality office environment. Comfortable and pleasant public space scale creates a new experience of community activities, while the open and mixed business programs foster an exquisite and fashionable service center of Jiuting area.

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