Location: Nanjing, China

Client: Shimao Group

Time: 2017

Gross Floor Area: 540,000 sq m

Type: Mixed-Use

Architect: EID Architecture

Design Principal: Ping Jiang, AIA

Design Team: Mike Morgan, RIBA, Sean Lu, Hui Wang, Dan Tang, Kai Ding, Yushi Zheng, Wenjia Wang, Wei Zhang, Di Wu


The Shimao Nanjing mixed-use development project is located in Hexi New Area, Nanjing, composed of retail, office and residential programs. Designed to capture the cultural essence of this ancient capital, the project integrates the urban environment and cultural elements, blending the past and future, business and culture, natural humanity and the art of architecture. The functional planning of the project brings together retail, office, apartment buildings and public spaces with a clear identification and creates a new model of green, open and efficient urban complex.


The retail parts are designed to build connections with the city and create a continuation of the urban space. A 24-hour shopping streamline is planned to guide the people flow from subway to the green courtyard. The restaurants are set around the entertainment facilities. The terraces give people a unique experience of wandering between different floors like standing on the ancient city wall of Nanjing to view the scenery, which also provide spatial connections for retails, restaurants and entertainment facilities as well.


The design of the tower imitates a plum, the city flower of Nanjing. The graphic design echoes the plum blossom pattern and branch shape, with a changing skin effect and graceful form, creating visual impact of the city’s new image. A distinctive office atrium is set up in the high-zone of the tower, enriching the façade image and responding to the site context, while providing a comfortable viewing and communication platform for the office staff.


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