Location: Shanghai, China

Client: K. Wah(China)Investment Co., Ltd

Time: 2013-2021

Gross Floor Area: 22,883 sq m

Type: Residential

Architect:EID Architecture

Design Principal: Ping Jiang, AIA

Design Team: Sean Lu, Qingsong Shi, Yushi Zheng, Xinyi Lu, Qing Zhang, Ji Huang, Vivian Ni, Kaini Huang, Ratima Suwanrumpha, Vikki Lew, Wei Xu


Architect of Record / M&E Consultant / Structural Engineer: Tianhua Architecture Design Ltd.

Interior Design Consultant: Steve Leung Designers / One House Design

Lighting Design Consultant: LEOX Design Partnership

Collaborating Architect: Tianhua Architecture Design Ltd. / Aedas


The 12,000-square-meter K.WAH Riverside Block E18 Residence (the E18 Residence) is located in the high-end residential area of Pudong, Shanghai, by the eastern side of the Huangpu River. It is predominantly a business center with modern skyscrapers and best known for the iconic skyline of Lujiazui. Across the river is the Bund waterfront which runs along the western bank of the river. It is the historic city center and a remnant of the former international settlements. Since the development of the new financial district of Shanghai, the area has seen an increasing number of residential buildings along with the increasing density of the district. The design of the project is intended to seek the opportunity within the site constraints by reflect its context and offers a new residential typology.


The E18 Residence is a multi-layered mid-rise residential tower that responds to the context and the environmental conditions. It is overlooking to both the north commercial area of Lujiazui and Puxi to the west. The design process is driven by the solar analysis with the constraint of overshadowing the surrounding buildings. The height, form and position of the building are strategically developed as a result of the analysis. The initial building envelop derived from the limitation height before the building start to overshadowing the neighbors.


E18 provides a new contemporary urban living concept, introducing open green spaces and vertical lively public spaces within the residential building. The stacked contoured outdoor terraces form a dynamic roofscape with integrated gardens, which flow seamlessly resembling the Chinese terraced fields. The receding contour at different levels allow for maximum sunlight and better visibility of the skyline.


The E18 Residence has total of 114 units with an average of 90 sqm for typical units and 4 penthouse units. The project also consists of 36 different unit types. Each unit at the west wing is positioned at 45 degrees rotation intended to maximize sunlight exposure and optimal view. The project is relatively small in comparison to its immediate surrounding buildings. However, the distinctive silhouette of the E18 Residence will transform the skyline of Pudong and introduce a new approach of urban living to the city. The construction is set to begin in mid-2017 and expected to be completed in 2021.


*The concept and schematic design was led by Ping Jiang while working as executive director at Aedas. EID Arch has been responsible for adjustment and refinement of schematic design, design development, facade design package, construction documents.

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