Location: Shanghai, China

Client: CITIC Pacific

Time: 2015

Gross Floor Area: 200,000 sq m

Type: Residential, Commercial, Education

Architect: EID Architecture

Design Principal: Ping Jiang, FAIA

Design Team: Sean Lu, Wei Zhang, Huiwen Wang, Kaini Huang


Located at the central area of downtown Shanghai, CITIC Pacific Residence is an exploration of new paradigm for high-rise residen­tial design in China. Developed by CITIC Pacific, this residential neighborhood consists of 6 residential towers and amenities. “In vast contrast to neo-classical residential towers often seen in Chi­na, CITIC Pacific Residence aims to create a residential design sensible to the site and its context. It is unique and memorable, reflecting the ethos of evolving city of Shanghai”, said EID design principal Ping Jiang, AIA. The design is in­tended to promote social interaction and reflect the diversity of the district. Amenities include leisure facilities, a swimming pool, a spa, meet­ing and conference spaces, and roof gardens that overlooks Cuihu Park. The residential towers are shaped in terraces on the top, in re­sponding to the site constrains of preserving sunlight corridor for adjacent residential blocks. The undulating terraces provide ameni­ties for its residents and private balconies for duplex units alike, fos­tering a new experience of vertical living and sense of community. CITIC Pacific Residence Phase II contains small scale retail shops and a kindergarten along the main street. These retail buildings are refurbished from the vernacular lane houses- Shikumen, while the design of kindergarten reinterpreting these historical elements into contemporary architecture. The landscape design was inspired by the traditional Chinese gar­den in the region. The flowing quality of the garden and geomet­ric nature of the residential buildings best exemplify the duality of Chinese architecture tradition: the juxtaposition of natural (garden) and artificial (architecture). CITIC Pacific Residence exhibits its el­egance and luxury in both landscaped garden design and signa­ture architecture. 

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