Ping Jiang - Architectonic Landscape| A Featured Exhibition for SUSAS 2019

SUSAS 2019 officially opened on Sept 28, with the theme "encounter". SUSAS 2019 continues to discuss topics related to urban spaces based on the current urban renewal in Shanghai.The theme of SUSAS 2019, which finds its roots in the “River and Creek” strategy of public space development, focuses on a globally concerned topic: How Waterfronts Bring Wonderful Life To People.The main exhibition’s chief curator is Fram Kitagawa, an internationally renowned artist and curator. The main exhibition will demonstrate the stories and topics of waterfront spaces in two sections: “Urban Space Art” and “Planning & Architecture”.


"Rebirth (Mutation) -- Water, an Enigma" is the concept of the “Planning & Architecture” section, which combines the academic, historical, forward-looking idea and public participation to create a solid and dynamic exhibition.Ping Jiang, principal architect of EID Architecture, was invited to participate in SUSAS 2019.


EID Arch's architectural practice has been focused on diverse architectural typologies across boundaries, with particular emphasis on exploration of boundaries between landscape and architecture. With the exhibition theme of "Architectonic Landscape -- Convergence & Dialoge" and combined with EID Arch's waterfront cases in recent years, including the natural landscape of the waterfront sci-tech village, the future park fused with architecture, landscape and earth art, also the cloud architecture in south Tibet overlooking fjard, we try to build the architectonic landscape and create landscape pattern, natural vegetation, water and construction elements, presenting a multifaceted perspective of intervention on the edge of the architecture and landscape.





The 5.5km of Yangpu waterfront public space is the Main Exhibition, also the historical site of Shanghai Shipyard, including the dock and the Maoma (linen and wool) warehouseand. SUSAS 2019 will be held from Sept. 29 to Nov. 30, 2019.