EID Arch Ping Jiang Won The ARCASIA Awards for Architecture 2020


On December 30th, the ARCASIA Awards for Architecture 2020 was announced. The Medog Meteorological Center designed by Ping Jiang, the Design Principal of EID Architecture, won the Honorable Mention Award of Institutional Buildings Category for the Public Amenity.




The project combined the functions of a meteorological center as well as a living space serving the community with infrastructure. The form of the building adopted some of the elements of Tibet traditional architecture while interpreted them in a modern way, nicely blending into the context and texture of the existing town.



The ARCASIA Council consists of the Presidents of National Institutes of Architects in Asia. The organization itself serves as an extension of each member institutes' regional programme and relations. Annual meetings are held to deliberate on, give collective direction and representation to matters that affect the architectural profession in the Asian region.