Two Projects of EID Arch were Selected for the AIA New York Chapter 2021 Design Award Exhibition


Recently, The Panda Pavilions and LAND Community Center of Atelier Ping Jiang / EID Arch were selected for the AIA New York Chapter 2021 Design Award Exhibition.


As the winning projects of the AIA New York Chapter 2021 Design Award, it was originally planned to be exhibited at the AIA New York | Center for Architecture in April this year. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the exhibition will be open to the public online. The firms participating in the exhibition also include BIG, WEISS/MANFREDI, WORKac and other top international design agencies.



Jury Comments:


“This project is focused on kind of research and helping pandas, but I think the thing is really like about this building was integration to landscape, with this kind of circular form that weave in and around the landscape, and hopefully helping to restore and protect the pandas, we thought it was visionary in the way that it tries to approach and integrate in that way.”  ——Andrea Love


"There's a lyricism to this, that sort of takes the idea of trying to make an enclosure that protects the pandas that turns to something bigger than that, and it’s that delicacy of approach which was very appealing, and we do hope that the sanctuary is really looking after our friends who coming black and white."  ——Julie Eizenberg



Jury Comments:


"it was the way it modified the outside space, we didn’t really have enough information and understand what is happening inside, so I can’t speak to that, but its anthropomorphic character and sense of emotional, sort of evocation was quite beautiful and you know that is gonna to be surrounded by a bunch of blocky building that you see on the right, and it became a very fluid and a very different kind of space which offering the community to gathering."  ——Julie Eizenberg


"I think it‘s a nice marriage kind of expression, soft underbelly there, with sort of Miesian sensibility and,those two things come together and make something out, and I thought that was quite clever, as well too, you know, provide impressive character, that you wouldn’t expect when that the two things get together. Pretty good."  ——Marlon Blackwell