EID Arch 2X20 Design Exhibition Officially Opened

Recently, the 2X20 Design Exhibition of EID Architecture officially opened at the T Gallery of Shanghai Kehui Tower. On the evening of December 8, the opening cocktail party brought together guests and media from the fields of culture, design, real estate, investment and engineering. Ms. Martha Thorne, the well-known American architecture academic and the Executive Director of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, also visited the exhibition and expressed her admiration. 2X20 is a collection of 20 design works selected by EID Architecture in the last two years since its inception in late 2015. It documents and illustrates the exploration and research in its architectural practice by the firm’s design team from 2015 to 2017: from highly identifiable high-rise buildings to innovative urban mixed-use complexes; from micro-scale civic cultural buildings to a macroscopic perspective of the urban design. Our studio actively intervenes in a multi-dimensional urban environ­ment and responds to the context, climate and geographical character­istics of the site. It explores and promotes the development and changes of cities and environment through research and design of buildings vary in scales and typologies.



As a leading international professional architecture firm, EID’s practice background reaches the forefront of international design by spanning more diverse, broader architecture, dimensions and areas. While balancing the challenges of globalization with local characteristics, EID pays more attention to the design concept and innovation. In recent years, the firm has made a lot of achievements in the field of innovative mixed-use urban complexes. Some innovative design concepts such as “Dissolving Towers”, “Urban Voids”, “Vertical City” responded to the high-density strategy in Asia, eliminating the problem of urban interface transition and integration of the large-scale complexes and high-rise buildings. The designs created a porous and permeable urban interface, creating pedestrian friendly urban streets and vibrant neighborhoods.



Among the works on display are a series of projects which have been led by Ping Jiang, the Design Principal of EID Architecture and have won a series of international design awards, including Longfor Chongqing Phase IV Mixed-Use Development which has won The Plan Award 2017 in Italy and the AIA Hong Kong Merit Award 2016, OCT Xi’an International Culture Center which has won the 2017 MIPIM Asia Award recently, Shimao Riverfront Mixed-Use project, the tallest under construction building in Zhejiang, Motuo Meteorological Center in Tibet, Zhangjiang Future Park Concept Design, K.Wah Riverside Block E18 Residence, etc. It presents a group of projects in different scales, outlining the pathway moving forward for the firm, and it allows to reflect on the vision and benchmark the progress.



The 2X20 exhibition will last for two months from December 8, 2017 to February 7, 2018.